The kaleidoscope of experience


Double disc made out of invercote paper (same size as a CD).


active-self ® has created a handy tool called " Kaleidoscope of experience", which is playful and easy to handle. This reflexive instrument multiplies the points of view to illuminate and enrich personal experience. It helps focusing attention on the links between the dimensions of experience, and sometimes glimpse surprising things ...

The " Kaleidoscope of experience" is a systemic approach to self-knowledge. This concept-tool stimulates reflection and self- analysis. It makes you see life from different angles and allows you to deepen your reflection and glimpse new and unsuspected connections between aspects of your own experience.

Using original techniques, this tool is a support to reflexivity. It thus promotes the development of an active self. The "Kaleidoscope of experience" does not provide answers, it only creates personal questions and opens up new ways of reflections on self and one’s relation to the world.


So far the disc exists only in French. However, it can easily be used by English-speaking persons as 2 out of the 5 concepts are the same in French and in English, the 3 other ones being quite close (translations into parenthesis):

activités (activities), relations, valeur (values), images de soi (images of self), motivations


Of course we will add an English version of the leaflet if you order an "English version". Click here to order.